Becoming a distributor

Becoming a distributor of products has never been easier. Join the fastest growing company in the industry with a minimal investment.

Here are a list of benefits for becoming a distributor:

  1. Huge supply of merchandise without you storing one single towel in your warehouse, home or any facility.
  2. We ship using your own name on our shipping labels, so now you save on shipping, and you do not even pack the merchandise, we will ship it for you.
  3. High quality catalogs for your customers without our company name, or phone # with spaces for your own company to be placed on each catalog.
  4. Everyone wants a beach towel, just ask and you will see. Selling our product is very easy and we are here to assist you with information, advertising materials, and knowledge.
  5. We produce 10 type of towels, and 19 colors to choose from, more than any other company out there. Washcloths , hand towels, bath towels, beach towels, bath robes, rally towels, lounge chair covers, and golf towels.